‘I have learned to express what I think and what I feel’

Six years ago Barsha Puri could not have imagined that she would become chair of a school board when she entered the marriage arranged by her parents.

Inside Stories - Entrepreneurship and ADHD

‘When I enjoy something, like making art, I’m capable of a hyper focus’

When artist, consultant and researcher Kai was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, it raised a gazillion questions. ‘What is this exactly I wondered?’

Sari Solden

‘If you create an environment that works for you, ADHD does not have to restrict you’

American psychotherapist Sari Solden: ‘I am very happy that I have chosen entrepreneurship. I could not have stuck working in an office environment for much longer.’

‘My messages are authentic. I don’t pretend that my life is wonderful’

The Indian press calls her an Instagram sensation. When illustrator Alicia describes herself, she chooses other words: “I am a passionate and no-nonsense illustrator.”

Inside Stories - Female entrepreneurs

‘Spirituality is my guiding light every day’

Entrepreneur and environmental activist Manisha Gutman is working hard to create a sustainable world. She is not your run-of-the-mill businesswoman.

How to discover and influence your core qualities

The core quadrant suggests to know and use qualities you already have and combine them with your challenges, as qualities you can develop.

Inside Stories - Female entrepreneur

‘Just do it. If you keep waiting until you feel brave enough, it won’t happen’

“Just do it. If you keep waiting until you feel brave enough, it won’t happen.” That’s what interior stylist Marie-Gon tells people when they say: “I want to start my own business”

Inside Stories - Female entrepreneur

‘If we all stand aside and do nothing, nothing will change’

“The work I do is like a drop in the ocean,” says Alecz whose work is to support the safety of women and their children in Goa. “But little drops of water make the mighty ocean.”

Inside Stories - female entrepreneurs

‘Stay focused. Develop a strong strategy and stick to it’

Bhagya Rangachar has helped children in Indian villages learn better using technology. Her advice for other NGOs: “Stay focused. Develop a strong strategy and stick to it”